SAXA® is a New York based company dedicated to producing athletic apparel and footwear for athletes serious about their sport, performance and style. The company was founded in 1992 by athletes seeking to improve upon existing athletic apparel and footwear using the latest technology of computer aided design. During an extensive search for a brand name that signified strength, grit and grace, SAXA” was chosen. In Latin, SAXA means rocks or stones, one of the strongest elements on earth. We further wanted to incorporate the mental fortitude and attitude that is necessary to achieve success in any athletic competition or human endeavor, so we further defined SAXA® as Serious Athlete x Attitude and the brand was born. SAXA® has in its’ DNA the belief that any person with the right attitude, a focused mind and a strong body can overcome any challenge and achieve their athletic and personal goals. Our mission is to support athletes of all stripes with innovative products, back efforts to stop the exploitation of athletes at every level and inform athletes on and off the field. Upon this rock, we will build a great company. Join the SAXA® movement!